About The Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre

The concept of a Marine Centre on the Central Coast has been initiated through a number of parallel processes.

Early in 2004, a committee comprising a number of the partner organisations met for initial discussions and to identify possible functions of the Marine Centre. This committee included representatives from community, environment education and marine research sectors and resolved to seek opportunities to pursue the establishment of the Marine Centre.

Concurrently, Central Coast Tourism initiated a study of nature based tourism on the Central Coast, co funded by the Central Coast Area Consultative Committee, State and Regional Development and Business Central Coast. The study was launched in November, 2004 with one of the recommendations being the establishment of a Marine Discovery Centre.

In 2005, a working group was formed to further develop the concept of the Marine Centre.


The Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre proposal brings together a range of stakeholders with diverse interests, including environment and conservation, education, tourism, economic development, scientific research and development, natural resource management, business and industry.

Through cooperation and a shared vision, stakeholders have engaged in the development of this proposal.

The proposal through its multi-faceted approach recognises the marine and coastal environment and its social and economic values for the Central Coast. It seeks to provide benefits to each of these values.


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Gaining Eco-accreditation, continual improvement and striving to be sustainable.

The Central Coast Marine Discovery Centre (CCMDC) was established to sustainably educate, protect and explore the Central Coast marine environment. In the years since we established in 2009, this sustainability has become better understood and implemented.

First, we promoted energy saving to reduce costs. This was done by measuring usage and installing energy savings where possible. This included efficient light globes, careful use of air conditioning and careful use of energy. Cooling by natural ventilation helped to reduce costs.

Read more: Sustainability

Supporting Organisations

Our Gold Partners


University of Newcastle, Central Coast Campus

  • Marine Science studies
  • Children’s University Program
  Community Environment Network
fantasea aquariums  

Fantasea Aquariums


Our Sponsors

Cash, grants, discounts, or In Kind Support has been received from the following

  • University of Newcastle Foundation
  • University of Newcastle Central Coast Campus
  • Land and Property Management Authority
  • NSW Government Environmental Trust
  • NSW Department of Education
  • Terrigal Rotary
  • Central Coast Council
  • Australian Museum
  • National Landcare Program
  • Sydney Metropolitan Local Land Services
  • Community Environment Network
  • Robb Westerdyke Builder and Underwater Photographer , Terrigal
  • Matt Dowse Underwater Photographer
  • Prime Tax Experts, Bondi
  • Terrigal Underwater Group

Thank you to all sponsors, helpers, volunteers and other friends of the Centre.

If you would like to support the Centre please contact us to discuss sponsorship or partner opportunities


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